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Being a yoga teacher is one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given in my lifetime. It is first and foremost a platform to be able to help others through the knowledge of breath, bodies, and yoga in all of its different forms and traditions. There is something about stepping into a room full of students waiting on their mats that makes your heart melt – that makes you feel one with everyone and everything. Some students want to sweat, move and dance to feel freedom, while others want to slow it down to heal and nurture their bodies. They are all beautiful and special in such amazingly diverse ways.

When I step into the warm yoga room I introduce myself, turn on what I hope to be a perfectly crafted playlist that will somehow help my students transcend time and space (I’ll keep that one on my teaching goals) and the sweet journey begins. I keep a watchful eye on the bodies before me as I cue through different poses, I offer adjustments, I demonstrate difficult poses, I present a theme that weaves through the class that I hope will have an impact on my students. And when all is said and done there is a room full of sweaty bodies resting peacefully. I bow my head and thank the Universe for the lessons that I have been given. It was somewhere in my first year of teaching that I realized that while I might be a guide to the students in the room, my students are really the ones teaching me. They teach me about the journey of life, about how to be vulnerable, and how to be humble. On the days I feel like crap or unworthy or lost, my students give me the greatest gift of love and inspiration. Many probably don’t even know what it means to a teacher when they just step onto their mats. Many don’t even know the healing presence they have just by showing up.

This journey of teaching is full of ups and downs. Some amazing classes, some not so great classes, weird classes, funny classes, spontaneous classes where you hit a wall and forget everything you wanted to say. Themes that hit home and resonate with others and themes that are way off. There are times I’ve left a class saying to myself: “What in the heck did I just say for an hour.” And that’s all okay. It’s about stepping into a place of acceptance with what comes through in your teaching, the good and the not so good, and understanding that what comes out is exactly what needs to.

Being a new teacher can be scary and intimidating. There are so many wonderful new teachers that are just waiting to release the gift inside of them, but lack the confidence, continuing education, or resources to do so. That’s where Om Forward comes in. Om Forward was created with new teachers in mind, but extends to all teachers looking to continue their education no matter their level of experience. It was created with the idea that if we help the teachers in our community grow, then the entire community grows together. If we give teachers the confidence to release their gift to the world, then all will benefit and will be encouraged to do the same.

Om Forward was also created with affordability and accessibility in mind. Additional trainings, while incredibly beneficial and something I highly recommend, can be expensive and time consuming. So in the meantime Om Forward fills in the gap by offering cost friendly and time friendly workshops at $20-$40 in price and 2-3 hours in time. We are committed to bringing in the best teachers from around the Denver community who will offer workshops in their areas of expertise. We have teachers booked out through the end of the year just waiting to share their knowledge with you!


Our first event is coming up next weekend and below is a list of the events for the rest of this year:

-Sunday October 16th 12:30p-3:30p: “How to Teach Backbends Safely” with Krystal Chesnutt, Price: $40

-Sunday November 6th 11:30a-2:30p: How to Practice and Teach Inversions with Gary Reitze, Price: $40

-Thursday November 17th 6:45p-8:45p: Hands on Assists with Denelle Numis, Price: $30

-Two Week Yoga Business series with Sarah Russell, Price for one is $30 or you can combine both for $50

Tuesday December 6th: If you Build It, It Will Come: Developing a home practice to create workshops and trainings

Tuesday December 13th from 6-8: Get in the Flow: Driving Multiple Revenue Streams


Starting something comes with a lot of fear, a lot of what if’s and a lot of unknowns. But that’s where faith comes in. I believe in this project and I’m so excited to share it with you. I hope to see you at an event soon! I’d love to support you and I hope you will support me and OM Forward as we continue to grow- all together, all as ONE.

Visit and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @omforward for teaching tips and clips from our workshops. You will also find advice and stories from new teachers, experienced teachers, and everyone in between just trying to find their way.

Use special discount code FOURSEE20 to receive 20% off our workshops for being a Foursee apparel supporter!

Thank you to all you beautiful souls!



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