Mala Kits

Make Your Own Mala Kit - Onyx and Lava Stone


This Onyx and Lava Stone make your own 108 bead mala kit includes everything needed for a beautiful, personal mala. The kit includes 108 genuine beads, string for the beads, wire needle for the guru bead, guru bead and tassel. The kit also includes a cotton pouch to keep your mala safe when finished (colors vary from photo).

Onyx- Onyx is a strength giving stone, it provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances and during times of enormous mental or physical stress. The stone promotes vigor, steadfastness, and stamina. Aids in learning lessons and imparting self-confidence; Helps one to be at ease in their environment.

Lava Rock- Lava is not your typical stone. It comes directly to us from the center of the Earth. It is highly effective in grounding us and connecting us to our ancestral roots. Lava has a way of calming the mind and emotions. This is a very primordial stone; When worn it can instill confidence and instinctual nature; lava is effective in stabilizing the root chakra.

A mala necklace can be used for meditation, you can use the healing properties of each stone and to help concentrate the mind. They are also very beautiful. It is very special to make your own necklace. Each of the 108 beads can be added with a specific intention or energy which is infused into each bead for the life of the mala. You can tie a loop not in-between each bead or simply string them.

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