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We are lucky to have partnered with these amazing companies.  Read about each one and check out their websites for full details.

Explore Your Fitness

Explore Your Fitness was created to support and grow the Colorado fitness community. We connect the community with the companies and people who are making an impact through health and fitness here in Colorado. 

OM Forward 

When one grows, we all grow. Welcome to OM Forward.

We believe that by helping yoga teachers grow and continue their education we all benefit as a community. OM Forward is dedicated to finding the best educators to foster this growth at an affordable price. The focus will be on how to teach whatever subject of yoga is presented.

OM Forward takes place in 2-3 hour sessions. During each session a different senior teacher will lead a master class in their area of expertise. The idea is for you to leave with the skills to teach what you've just learned.

We hope to join you on your journey of growth and we hope you join us on ours!

Om Forward sweet friends. Never stop growing.

Foursee friends and family receive 20% off all trainings.  Use code FOURSEE20 at checkout.


In creating Pogamat, we searched the world for the best yoga mats and workout mats that could be used for a variety of exercises and training programs (like all forms of yoga, P90X, Insanity, T25, weight training, at home workouts, etc.) In short, we wanted a quality workout mat that could take a beating and withstand the most intense workouts, yet also be slip resistant, durable, and have enough give to protect your wrists, elbows, hips, and knees.

Regardless of if you’re just starting your workout routine Pogamat’s surface has the perfect amount of density to protect your joints, and feels great while doing crunches. If your a professional athlete and need a mat that can keep up with your workout, Pogamat is the best yoga mat, exercise mat, and workout mat.


Reflexion Yoga

Reflexion Yoga is your one-stop-shop for online yoga. Our members get unlimited access to hundreds of yoga classes, workshops, yoga programs, and a dedicated Beginner Center. So whether you're looking to supplement your studio practice with some "me time" on your mat at home, or if you just prefer a home practice altogether, Reflexion Yoga's got you covered!